Top 5 Criteria for Choosing the Right Shampoo

   Shampoo in the form as we know it today started to sell more than a century ago. Thanks to cosmetology, contemporary shampoos can offer a lot more beneficial properties than the ones you could buy in the early 1900s. Every single one of us is aware of the huge variety of shampoos that are available for purchase today. A wide choice is a good thing, but since we are not all hairdressers, beauty gurus or dermatologists, it seems like challenging task to choose a shampoo that would suite you the best.enjoying_shampoo To help you a bit with that task, we are going to present 5 criteria that you should take into account while choosing shampoo.

1. Condition of the scalp

   The scalp is the 'base' of your hair. It’s not a big secret that the skin of the scalp can be of different types. Fortunately, it is rather easy to determine some basic things like whether your scalp is easily irritated or not or if it is oily or not. Most of the times, it has the same characteristics that the rest of your skin has. So, an oily scalp, naturally, will require the respective shampoo for oily hair. To make it easier for customers, most manufacturers indicate on their shampoo products the type of hair the shampoo is intended for. 

2. Acidity

   For those of you not familiar with chemistry, there is a scale called pH that measures how acidic something is. The pH of our hair is usually around 5 but it can vary from one individual to another, so the pH of the shampoo you use should be as close as possible to the pH of your hair. If not, your hair will probably look thin and will have a tendency to snap easily.

3. Usage frequency

   This is pretty much self-explanatory. Shampoos designed to be used often or even every day are “weaker” when compared to the ones that are supposed to be used once or twice a week. In most cases, every shampoo has a suggested frequency written on it, which should be taken into consideration in order to achieve the desired effect to the maximum degree.

4. Ingredients

   Even though they are usually more expensive than the regular ones, some shampoos mostly consist of natural herb ingredients like green tea or aloe vera. They contribute enormously to the improvement of the health of both your scalp and hair in general. So preferring shampoos based on natural ingredients is a really good choice.

5. Following the instructions

   Most of us follow a standard procedure when washing our hair no matter which product we use. This method can be wrong since almost every shampoo has specific instructions. Make sure you carefully read the label whenever you purchase a new shampoo in order to allow it to work at its fullest potential.