Propecia customers’ reviews

“I’ve been using this medication for more than a year now. I can say there are some changes. My hair has grown quite well. However, the temple areas are still thin and have responded the same way as my crown has. But the good news is that nothing has gotten worse, unlike what I experienced with other drugs. So far, Propecia has performed much better than what I was using before.”

Jason K


“I was only 25 when my hair started to thin. I looked for a product that would save me the trouble. I read a lot about Propecia on the Internet and decided to try it. It worked, and it is still working. Every dosage I take seems to be adding value to my hair. That’s the positive side. On the downside, I notice a slight decrease in my sexual performance, but honestly it is doing me more good than bad.”



“The first thing I’ve noted is that I don’t leave much hair in my shower after washing or on my comb after doing my hair. That is one reason I’m going to continue using this product. But I must mention it impaired my sexual performance. As it turned out, it was one of the side effects that some of the users are talking about. If you are looking for an effective hair loss remedy, then Propecia might be your answer. But I wouldn’t recommend it to those who value their performance in bed.”



“I realized I was losing a lot of hair lately. So I went to the doctor and got a prescription for Propecia. I hadn’t heard about the drug before that time, but the way he mentioned it seemed quite promising. So I went for it. After using it for approximately three months, the state of my hair has considerably improved. My hair is not falling or thinning anymore. Propecia is just amazing.”

Peter K


“Just celebrated my 45th birthday a few weeks ago. I’ve been using this medicine for almost two years now, and I haven’t seen any side effects so far. To tell the truth, it took me about four months to believe it could work. Only after that, my hair stopped falling. I’m already gaining my youthful appearance. Thanks to Propecia.”



“Before I bought the drug, my friend who had already tried it mentioned it would ruin my bed performance. That was a bit scary, but losing my hair so fast was scarier, so that was a risk I had to take. Lucky for me, my risk was worth taking. I’ve been experiencing nothing but decrease in hair loss. After eight months of use now, I think Propecia is the best hair loss product on the market.”



“I was on the drug for 6 weeks and quit it. I wouldn’t recommend Propecia to anyone. Well, you can always try it but be prepared that this drug may drastically ruin your sex life. In my case, that’s exactly what happened. I had virtually lost any interest in sex. In my view, Propecia isn’t your drug if you care about your libido.”

Donovan R.


“I’m very happy I found this product. It has worked so much better than anything that I used before. My hair isn’t falling anymore. That is a big plus for me. So far, I haven’t noticed any tangible side effects. Next week it will be a year I’ve been taking Propecia.”

Big Martin


“This is one of the most effective hair loss treatment I’ve come across so far. Before Propecia, I was also using a few other products including Rogaine. Yes, Rogaine was quite good too, but Propecia works a little better for me. Besides, I just had mild headaches for the first week as I started the treatment, but then they disappeared and no more side effects for me since then.”



“I was only 25-26 when I first noticed the signs of hair loss on the crown of my head. And it progressed pretty fast. I’m 31 years old now but have been using the product for the past two years.  My hair has turned out great. I don’t leave behind too much hair on my brush or comb as did before. My hair on the crown stopped thinning and I’m so happy about it. Propecia is the best!”

Merry H.


“I’m in my late 40s, and I’ve been using Propecia for half a year. I can’t tell for sure if it really works, but the hair thinning seems to have stopped. I’ve read that some prominent results may appear only after 6 months and more. So I hope the effect will be better because so far I’ve experienced only mild improvement.”